Friday, February 17, 2012

Family Album

What a week! I am happy to be posting today after my day of Hell I had yesterday. I was driving to the hospital to visit a new born and was rear ended. I had my sweet little friend Audrey, age 2 in the car and thank goodness we weren't hurt. So today, It just feels good to share a happier subject which is my completed family album. I think it's the word  completed  that sounds oh, so good. Again I used old photos as seen in last weeks post.
                                         Love the vintage

Happy birthday celebration!

Old tea dyed lace

Given to me by my friend Donna along with her
 hand made flowers.

Gotta love the old jalopy
Thanks for checking in. I love your comments and appreciate you taking the time to visit. It makes this blogging so much fun.


  1. Cute mini! All those pictures make the book special.
    Gosh I hope you and Audrey are doing well. Hope your
    not in any pain today.
    Take care!

  2. Looks good Mom and love the blog...let's all make a toast to no more days from Hell!