Friday, December 21, 2012

Forgoten Finds Challenge

Hi ladies, I hope this blog finds you enjoying the holidays and feeling festive. I took a break and made some cards for a monthly swap that I'm in and decided to take on a bit of a challenge. Have you ever purchased a tool or ink and tried it only to find it frustrating and wish you hadn't bought it? Or maybe you thought you just had to have it and tried it once and on the shelf it went. I have been guilty of this so I wanted to start using those long forgotten tools, stamps, inks and "have to haves". My cards are created using the roller technique and the BIG Juicy rainbow ink pad. I love how it turned out and am glad I gave it another go. I used an old forgotten tree stamp that I always thought was so peaceful and represented winter. I also embossed it in black ep. I love how the snowflakes make it pop. So,try my challenge and you may too fall in love with some old items in YOUR stash all over again. I would love to have you share what you come up with. Thanks for checking in and Merry Merry.

Friday, December 7, 2012


What a long neglected blog is my little A Blend of Life. It was a whirlwind November with a big birthday,a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family which was then topped off with a great gettaway to San Diego.I hope you are enjoying the holidays and thanks for taking a peek at my little basket I put together for my besties from high school. I purchased the basket in Old Town, San Diego and couldn't wait to return home and fill it with napkins, dish towels, a wisk filled with chocolates (it reads I WISK you a Merry Christmas)that I got off Pinterest. I topped it off with a festive Christmas pick,made some vintage post cards and used some pretty ones made by others. Have a wonderful season of giving.