Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Wedding Plans and Projects

My son Curtis at age 3.Isn't he a cute little guy?
All thirty runners have been stitched with a lavender thread.
I decided that this post for this week I would share some of the projects Kristen (my future daughter in law) and I have been working on for the upcoming wedding in June. It's taking place smak dab in the flint hills prairie in  Strong City KS.and will be very rustic and wonderful. We are using a vintage theme with Sun Flowers and Asters for the flowers that will be placed in sweet mason jars. We are using rafita for the bow and instead of a video of their life I am zix zag stiching current and childhood photos in sephia tone on the cardstock which we will hang on the jars. Of course you can't have vintage without burlap so we are using it for the table runners. Thank goodness for Pintrist and all the ideas we have found. I have to say tho that the picture idea was mine. Ha! Hope you enjoy what we have done so far. Would love ideas and imput. Thanks for checking in.

Another Favorite to Share

As I finished up cards today that I created for a card swap I'm in I found myself going back and forth on glues so this will be my topic for this weeks favorites. I have to say that Beacons is a must have. I learned about Beacons from my friend Donna and I have never gone back. The reason I love this particular glue is because it gives you time to work your creation. It drys smoothly and adheres firmly. When I have a mistake it comes up quickly and allows for precision. My measurements not always being perfect I find that part a gift. 

My next choice would be Tombo Mono. Maybe I just LOVE that name but let me tell you that it's the cat pajamas when you need a very fast dry. You have no time to work with this one but it comes out thin and is great for intricate pieces. Lasts forever too.
So if you haven't tried these glues you may want to. It's alway fun trying new ones out.
Thanks for caring enough to read my post. It's always a pleasure hearing from my bloggie friends.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Favorite of the week ~~~Spellbinders

Hi everybody,
I didn't have to think twice about week three's favorite for this girl. That would be Spellbinders. Is it just me or are you  thinking how far this company has come in designing these wonderful die cuts? They have certainly come a long way from the boring but necessary rectangle and square nesties. So today I will share my most recent purchase. Thanks to my friend Christina from for posting the most gorgeous card she made from this die. I love her style so check her also. Also, Linda Duke on She is amazing.
Thanks for visiting.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Family Album

What a week! I am happy to be posting today after my day of Hell I had yesterday. I was driving to the hospital to visit a new born and was rear ended. I had my sweet little friend Audrey, age 2 in the car and thank goodness we weren't hurt. So today, It just feels good to share a happier subject which is my completed family album. I think it's the word  completed  that sounds oh, so good. Again I used old photos as seen in last weeks post.
                                         Love the vintage

Happy birthday celebration!

Old tea dyed lace

Given to me by my friend Donna along with her
 hand made flowers.

Gotta love the old jalopy
Thanks for checking in. I love your comments and appreciate you taking the time to visit. It makes this blogging so much fun.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fave of the week~~~~Old photos

Hi my friends,
Today I would like to share one of my all time must haves  for my scrapping addiction. Old Photos.
It's been so much fun  gathering  the pictures to add to my mini albums and I try my best to add them as I create instead of putting it off until later and then forgetting about why I made an album to begin with. How many times have we done this? You know who you are. Ha! So, I have to say that OLD photos are my favorite for this weeks post. I have found so many family photos along the way and I love adding them to my projects .OOOOH, it makes me crazy when they are not marked on the back and I have no idea who they are. I find others that are  charming and many times humorous on Ebay or in flee markets. I love the sepia tones and the brown and black borders they had back in those days when they were developed. I am so saddened to see Kodak file for bankruptcy. Weren't they among the top for cameras and film back in the day? Another bites the dust. So today I hope you think about hunting down some old family photos of your own. Think about the life the people in those pictures lived and their journey. I just hope my own pictures don't end up in a flee market some day.
Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Favorite for Inspiration

Well, of all my favorites for 2012 I have to say this one is  up there with You Tube videos. I discovered Cards magazine by North Ridge Publishing. I purchase them with my coupon at Hobby Lobby and they have  the most gorgeous pictures out there. Worth every penny as far as I'm concerned. I have been following Coleen on channel 47cmc and she does awesome card lifts on Fridays. If you're a card maker like I am you may want to check her out. This is a magazine that she uses as well for her inspiration and ideas.

1 2 3 SWAP

This is a picture of my Upcycle Paper Bag from my
 swap that I host on YPP. I found this sweet wedding picture at a flee market. I would love to have that lacy,
 rummy dress not to mention her tiny waist.
The lace I received above is  from a rack and is tea stained. I used Tim's on the edge die for the upper flap.
The tie is a piece of lacy trim. Paper used is K & Company.
Can you believe these are made out of brown lunch sacks that we
grew up with? Sorry about the white blob from my lighting in the
left, bottom corner. I'm still working on this issue.
I have a sweet Valentine pocket that I found at a thrift store
on the back which holds a tea ,coffee stained and stamped
shipping tag.

Today I swapped out the UPCYCLE PAPER BAG SWAP that I host on
My Paper Pantry and it always gives me so much joy. These ladies are so talented. Above shows what my floor looks like during the process. One of the girls even added a CD with romanic music in a pocket. They make the greatest little gift bags.
The theme this month was LOVE / ROMANCE.