Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another Favorite to Share

As I finished up cards today that I created for a card swap I'm in I found myself going back and forth on glues so this will be my topic for this weeks favorites. I have to say that Beacons is a must have. I learned about Beacons from my friend Donna and I have never gone back. The reason I love this particular glue is because it gives you time to work your creation. It drys smoothly and adheres firmly. When I have a mistake it comes up quickly and allows for precision. My measurements not always being perfect I find that part a gift. 

My next choice would be Tombo Mono. Maybe I just LOVE that name but let me tell you that it's the cat pajamas when you need a very fast dry. You have no time to work with this one but it comes out thin and is great for intricate pieces. Lasts forever too.
So if you haven't tried these glues you may want to. It's alway fun trying new ones out.
Thanks for caring enough to read my post. It's always a pleasure hearing from my bloggie friends.

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  1. Hi Iley
    I love the tombo glue which remains me am out!! I've never tried the Beacon thou! I guess I should. :-) thanks for the tip