Monday, October 13, 2014

Great Date Night with My Eldest

It was a gloomy, cold and rainy night and I had just put the logs on the fire to stay home with a pot of lentil soup cooking on the stove. It was the perfect night except hubs was at the hospital with my FIL to get him checked out for a bad cough and cold. I was in with the dogs for the night which I was fine with but I then received a call from my eldest son Kyle asking if I would like to have dinner. Are you kidding me? I jumped at it. We talked about going dutch at an upscale restaurant but when I mentioned the fire and  soup on the stove he suggested a bottle of wine and a night in with mom. I was so excited. For those of you with boys you know what I'm talking about. This doesn't happen often. So here are some pictures I took of our evening. We even took in a cheesy chic flick movie on HBO. What a guy. It was the perfect evening so had to share.I can't tell you how much I love this kid.
Thanks as always for checking in. See, I'm even blogging again.

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  1. That is so wonderful. I know the feeling. When one of my daughters call I jump. Evey thing I needed to do can wait. Simply because once they grown up and leave it's hard for them to find time. Plus those moments like this one is so precious.
    Big hug