Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stampers Sampler

Hi everyone. I wanted to share that the Stampers Sampler Fall edition which I was featured in is currently out on the new stands. I was so blown away by this honor so had wanted to share it on my blog. Hope you will take a peek at the two Goddess Challenge tags that I created. I really had to go out of box on this one. LOL . I just love this magazine so chose them as my target for getting published. It was a personal goal for me and I was shocked to have been chosen. Thanks for checking in and have a great day.


  1. Hi Iley - many many congratulations on your achievement - hope you are well. Jacqui

  2. Iley!!!!! I'm so happy for you. congrats!!! I will be picking up a copy on Wednesday!!! yay!
    love ya girlie

  3. hello!! so, yesterday i went shopping and went into my fav magazine store. finally bought the somerset stampers sampler. i could hardly wait to look through it, but had to wait until i got home. lo and behold it there was your name! was i seeing things.... there was my youtuber/blogger friends name right there on page.... oh i forget! lol that is so exciting!! fantastic iley!!!!! so proud!! i love your take on it too! beautiful tag iley!! xoxoxo ~christina

  4. Yea! I'm glad to see this on your blog! Congratulations! That issue is definitely a keeper!!!

  5. congrats to you! It is so exciting to get published..will have to check out the magazine. cherry

  6. Hello glad you reached your goal!! I am not a bit surprised that you were published!! You have awesome talent and I will be getting the mag for me and a friend(SSS on ypp)...congrats again!! Hugs, Stephie =D

  7. Iley...this is SOOOOO wonderful my friend. WHAT AN HONOR! Being published is the most amazing thing because it validates in public the things you do in love. WAY TO GO!

    Congrats my longtime friend. You KNOW I think you are just WUNDERBAH!


  8. Wow Iley - how wonderful! I can't wait to check it out! May just have to run to the bookstore at lunch just to check it out - yay for you:)