Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vintage Gift Pouches

Hi my blogger friends. Hope you are enjoying cool fall days and you are getting in some happy, scrappy time. Yesterday I got to spend time with my 95 year old father in law while my husband took off to Lawrence KS. for the KU/Rice football game. I packed up some scrappy happiness, headed to his house and laid it all out on his dining room table. While the Western channel was blasting in the back ground I got deep into making these little vintage pouches. I needed a small gift bag earlier this week but didn't have anything on hand so had to resort to the dollar store. Never again! OHHH, I love how they turned out. The small brown paper bags I got at a little store behind us. They are always happy to give me extras and the paper I used are mostly scraps. Thanks for visiting and email with questions or better yet...leave a comment .


  1. Funny. I think you do a good job of setting the scene! Scrapping to the tune of Westerns is sweeping the nation.

    1. Get out of my blog Kyle. And stay away from my books. Love you.

  2. These are lovely - thank you for visiting my blog - it would be good to stay in touch! I start the new job today ....