Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Big Wedding ~~ Only Three Weeks Away

Today I wanted to share a sweet start to my boys journey with Kristen. It was of course included in the welcome basket. As the story goes…Kristen had her tonsils out a week after their first date. Curtis called her to say he had made carrot soup for her and was bringing some over. He ended up delivering the soup in blizzard conditions that night but didn’t stay as he had to drive his brother to work who was waiting in the car. The funny part is that she hates carrots but she ended up liking the soup and apparently him too. We’re glad she gave both a chance and so now you too have a carrot soup recipe. Enjoy! Tatsu’s Carrot Soup …revised by Curtis 1lb. carrots ( I use 1 ¼ lb) I medium yellow onion 4 cups chicken stock 4 TLBS sugar ¼ white rice to thicken ( I don’t use) ½ stick of butter Place carrots, stock, sugar, and rice in soup pot and bring to medium heat but do not boil. Cook until carrots are tender Fill blender half full and blend and then return to soup pot and bring to boil adding butter and whisking well. Recipe says garnish with cream but I just add it to the soup pot. So as the wedding nears and I am working away being busy making guest baskets, I wanted to share the sweet story of one of the firsts in Curt and Kristen's relationship. I hope you will forgive the poor grammar and format in this post. I struggle with this blogger layout. It's very much it's own animal in placing and never goes into the correct paragraph line up.URRG! Have a great week my friends and thanks for checking in. Iley

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  1. Aww love the story and the idea of sharing it with all your guest and us. She is very lucky to have you as a mother in law.
    hugs my friend.