Friday, January 27, 2012

Top Faves of 2011

As I watch all those wonderful YT videos on the top faves for 2011 I have to say I'm feeling a bit left out. No, I don't do videos but I can share on my blog right? So I will be posting a top fave of mine each week and I hope you find it interesting. I have only run out once so far to purchase an item that someone has posted which I find pretty darn good for this girl. That would be the Tim Holtz sissers that are a must have according to most of my crafty sisters. I can't wait to use them.
    So top favorite for this week.......baskets
     Stamps and scraps are sorted as well as punches
    All my embossing folders are lined up for an easy go to.
       Flowers are sorted by companys and then my magazines for 
       inspiration below.
          Die cuts are lined up so I can grab in a hurry.

       Trash and scraps which I let sit for a while just incase I may
       need something.
So, you will see in the pictures my fave for this week are my storage baskets. I'm not a plastic girl and I try to avoid plastic at all cost. Oh I know that we really can't avoid plastic at times and I do have some plastic containers but for me I just love to use baskets for storage and even trash as you will see. They just look so darn cute in my craft room. I find them at thrift stores and Michaels and have them set up in rows and in corners. So there you have my favorite for this week. Have a great weekend and thanks for checking in.


  1. I too have a few baskets as storage. :-)
    I think they look so neat!

  2. Hi Iley, well, you are so right. If you don't do videos then the next best thing are photos. And sometimes photos are way better! I have baskets too all over my craftroom! tfs.... xoxo